Hi, I’m Jeanette, your host of the Yes You Can Series©. In 2003 I put my research skills and education to work – looking for a better way to defeat cancer through nutrition and lifestyle modification. My father had passed after being misdiagnosed with stomach cancer…as a result of a post-surgical infection for a cancer he didn’t have.

Employed in the health sciences dept of a large teaching hospital and with a degree in nutrition, I joined a team of world renowned specialists to develop the first ever program for eliminating fear of cancer and paralysis of the spirit. I combined that with a spectacular nutrition program to build the cancer patient’s immune system.

So powerfully strong in fact, that I have been very successful in implementing this into a global education program of integrative medicine for oncologists, medical doctors, nutritionists, nurses, psychologists and others health professionals, ever since.

If you are looking for hope, dignity, empowerment and healing through your journey; if you want to discourage risk factors and side effects of your medical treatment; if you want to give your body every fighting chance…then we can promise you a way to do this.

Increase your quality of life and encourage a safe and early recovery. Read Jeanette’s Personal Story Learn more about this program by registering in our free webinar. Seating is limited to 50 patients per date and time.